Friday, January 1, 2010

Jessica biel. I know sexy.

Jessica biel. Fresh pics...
jessica bieljessica bieljessica bieljessica biel
Are my boobs gonna get any smaller?? I've worked a lot for the past week, and I the Billy Blake's video, fat blasting cardio, Ultimate Boot Camp, Boot Camp and Basic. I each of them every day. But before this training, I lift a 5 kg weight, curl ups and butter flies, 15 times 5 repetitions. And I just want to tone my body and gain muscle in my arms and reach a beautiful behind lol. But lately I have noticed that my breasts have become much smaller. I can still fit into my c bra, but my breasts look smaller to me. Im not sure if the only shirts that I do carry, they appear smaller, but I've noticed it and I know that breasts are just fat and that's pretty much the first thing that loses a girl at work. And I want to lose. I like my breasts are getting smaller when it? And how can I prevent? My goal is to get a body like Jessica Biel. Btw, I know, boobs arent what someone should see when they first take a look at me. I know it should have the personality, but its just a girl thing. In the built very similar to her, but not as weakened and muscular, of course, but in getting there.
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